Summer Four-Week Open Studio For Young Adults

Summer Four-Week Open Studio For Young Adults


Ideal for recent high school grads and college students who enjoy working with clay or who want to build their portfolios for college applications or paid residencies, this summer program gives them the time and place to work at their own pace and according to their own schedules; the studio is open to them 24 hours a day, six days a week to independently explore a wealth of approaches for the creation of their work.  Additionally, participants will have access to our professional level photography and lighting equipment, enabling them to create their portfolio photos practically as their pottery comes out of the kiln. Because their four weeks do not need to be scheduled as four consecutive weeks, students have the flexibility to schedule around vacation and work plans.

The $200 fee includes 25 lbs of clay, all glazes and all electric kiln firings. There may be extra fees for raku, gas and wood firings. Additional clay may be purchased from the studio.

Please Note: Students registering for this Summer Open Studio program must have some pottery experience (at the high school or college level), know how to hand-build and throw on the wheel, and be able to work independently.

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