Do we offer children’s classes?

No. Students must be 18 or older.  Occasionally we might admit a talented high school student with at least two semesters of pottery experience on the recommendation of his/her teacher.

Is it possible for a friend and I to rent just a couple of hours to throw on the wheel?

No. We only offer four or eight week classes and long-term artist residencies. We also  do not offer “date nights” nor is the studio available for private parties. 

What can I expect to accomplish in a four week class?

Four week classes are fundamentally beginners’ classes designed to acquaint you with the basics of working with clay and to give you the opportunity to decide whether you like the stuff or not. You will be taught to throw clay on the wheel, but you need to understand that this is far more difficult than it looks and give yourself permission to make lopsided and sometimes downright ugly pots. You will be given instruction on working with slabs and/or making pinch pots, and you will learn to glaze.  Generally, students beginners leave with three or four finished pieces.

What if I miss a class?

When you sign up for a four-week session, you aren’t required to attend consecutive weeks. However, we ask that you try to complete your four weeks within an eight week period.  Also, if you are going to miss more than two weeks in a row, please let us know.

Eight week classes run consecutively, so if you miss a week, you can’t make it up by simply adding it at the end of the eight weeks.  You can however, make it up by attending another class within the same week or by just taking advantage of our free Open Studio time.