What You Need to Know


The Basics

If you decide to withdraw from a class before the first class of a session, Lancaster Clay Studios will refund your full tuition minus a $15 processing fee. No refunds will be issued after the first class of a session.

Lancaster Clay Studios is not responsible for lost or stolen items nor the loss or damage of work.

Do not handle or touch the work of others. If you do damage another person’s work, please leave a note.

Lancaster Clay Studios is not a production studio, and production work is strictly forbidden. Students who produce excessive work will be asked to leave the studio permanently without tuition reimbursement.

If you are not retuning for the following session of classes, clean off your shelf and take your work, tools and leftover clay home with you on your last day of class. Anything left behind on your shelf will be discarded before the next term begins. Fired bisque and glaze work will be discarded 2 weeks into the next term.


In the Studio:

Each student will receive one storage shelf for each session. You may store whatever you wish on your shelf, but leave room for your work and tools. Please do not take over additional empty space anywhere in the studio without permission.

Do not let your work pile up on your shelf. When your work is trimmed, place it on the bisque shelf; when it’s bisqued, glaze it; and when it’s glaze fired, take it home. Especially don’t wait to the end of your session to begin glazing; your work won’t be fired.

Work that isn’t signed or initialed will not be loaded into a kiln.

Students may not bring in outside clay or glazes without prior approval.

All of our glazes are food-safe, microwave safe and dishwasher safe.


For Your Safety:

Do not ever give the entry code to anyone.

If you are alone in the studio do not open the door for anyone; everyone who belongs in the studio knows how to get in.

Please wear reasonable shoes at all times in the studio.

Do not open a kiln. Ever. And never place anything on a kiln lid.

Do not use the Dremel or angle grinder if you are alone in the studio, and only use them if you’ve been shown how to operate them safely.

You should wear a mask to sand greenware or bisque ware.

No smoking in the studio, on the front porch or on the back deck.

Report any problems/concerns immediately.


Clean Up:

Classes and open studio participants are responsible for leaving the studios clean and the end of their session.

Scrape and clean the wedging counter after using it. Do not leave work on the counter.

Thoroughly clean wheels, catch pans, bench, stools, tables, and bats.

After the wheel is clean, make sure it’s turned off. Put the stool upside down on the wheel head.

Wipe down sink when finished cleaning.

Tables, bats, ware boards, and banding wheels should be cleaned and put away.

Do not store work on bats. Use ware boards.

Clean-up spills as they happen.

Work left on the tables or counters will be discarded.

Put tools back where they belong, which is not on the tables, the counters, the window sills or anywhere else but in the drawers of the red tool cabinet.

Empty and clean all of the water buckets you’ve used, including the ones on the worktables and counters.

Don’t leave the plastic just lying on the table; put it away.

Whatever you’ve moved or used, put it back when you’re finished (including any stools you’ve moved to the glaze room).

Don’t stack your shelves so full of “stuff” that your wet pots can’t fit.

Don’t leave wet work on the table or on the counter; cover it and put it on your shelf.

When you take your pot off a bat, clean the bat.