What You Need to Know



When you sign up for a four-week session, you aren’t required to attend consecutive weeks. However, we ask that you try to complete your four weeks within an eight week period.  If during your four weeks you decide you want to keep going, you may extend your session another four weeks for just $135 (rather than $175). Also, if you are going to miss more than two weeks in a row, please let us know.

Eight week classes run consecutively, so if you miss a week, you can’t make it up by simply adding it at the end of the eight weeks.  You can however, make it up within the session by taking advantage of Open Studio time. Eight week students who enroll for a second consecutive session will have their session fee reduced to $150 (a third consecutive session will also be $150); if they continue on and register for a fourth session, the fee will be reduced to $220 (but will not include clay) and will stay at $220 as long as sessions are taken consecutively.

Lancaster Clay Studios is not a production studio and production work is never allowed. Students and resident artists who produce a disproportionate amount of work will receive a warning and be charged accordingly. Those who continue excessive production may be asked to leave.

Your first day of class:

Please bring a large towel and a small bucket to the class. Basic pottery tools (a small sponge, needle tool, wooden rib, trim tool, and cut-off wire) are available for your use during your session. You may of course bring your own tools (but do have your name or an identifying mark on each tool).

Each student will receive one storage shelf. Please do not store any valuables on your shelf. If your work exceeds your shelf space, we will find extra space which you may use temporarily.

Last but not least:

If you are not retuning for the following session of classes, clean off and sponge off your shelf and take your work, tools and leftover clay home with you on your last day of class. Anything left behind on your shelf will be discarded before the next term begins. Fired bisque and glaze work will be discarded two weeks into the next term.

All work should be bone dry by the Friday before your last scheduled class so that it can be bisque fired in time for you to glaze it during your last class. It will be glaze fired and you will be notified when it’s ready to pick up.

If you need to complete work after the last day of your class, you may do so for the following fees:

  • Trimming — $10 per hour ($10 minimum)

  • Bisque Firing — .03¢ per cubic inch*

  • Glazing — $35 per hour ($20 for half an hour)

  • Glaze Firing — .05¢ per cubic inch*