Summer Open Studio For Teens and Young Adults

Summer Open Studio For Teens and Young Adults


Ideal for high school and college age students who enjoy working with clay or who want to build their portfolios for college applications or paid residencies, this summer-long program gives students the time and place to work at their own pace and according to their own schedules; the studio is open to them 24 hours a day, six days a week. Throughout the summer, enrollees will be able to work with a variety of clays, including porcelain and natural unprocessed clays. They’ll experiment with glaze formulas. And they’ll have the opportunity to participate in wood, gas and Raku firings. This unique range of options allows participants to independently explore a wealth of techniques and approaches for the creation of their work.

At the end of summer, all Summer Open Studio participants will show their work in a special exhibit at the studio. Last summer, the opening reception for this exhibit was especially well attended and students sold a number of pieces.

Summer Open Studios for Teens and Young Adults begins June 1st and continues through Labor Day weekend. Those who register for this summer program may also work in the studio over their Winter Break at no additional charge.

Cost for full summer enrollment: $375,  includes 25 lbs of clay, all glazes and all electric kiln firings. There may be additional fees for Raku, gas and wood firings.

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