Studio Tour

It's spacious and light-filled, with each area flowing openly and smoothly into the next.  With nearly 2000 square feet of open space, there are no barriers barriers to creativity, conversation, personal space or work space. 


space & Ambiance

Our ten electric wheels are each surrounded by an abundance of table space, so you have plenty of room for tools, wedged clay and the pieces you're making. Two huge hand-building tables provide plenty of space for large scale work and friendly conversation. This area also features a slab roller which enables you to make slabs of any thickness.


Regular Firings

Two kilns—a three tiered L&L kiln and a 15 cubic foot oval kiln for large work—are fired weekly, so there are no long waits to see the results of your work. We also regularly schedule firings in off-site wood and gas fired kilns.

glazeroom 1.jpg

Glaze Room

Our glaze room, with over 20 mid-fire and high-fire glazes (all mixed on site), also features a glaze spray booth so you can build up layers of glazes for special effects or unique colors. In addition, if you have a favorite glaze that we don't have or you want to test a promising new glaze, we can make it for you.

clay samples 1.jpg


Lancaster Clay Studios offers a large selection of clays, including a variety of cone 6 to cone 10 stonewares, porcelain, "wild clays" from North Carolina and our own mix of native Maryland clays.



The Lancaster Clay Studios' gallery space has been the site of numerous memorable exhibitions of work by our students and members. Between shows, it serves as an on-site "library" of forms and glazes.